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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

KARL MARX MAX WEBER EMILE DURKHEIM  2 class model of crisis and  Theory of status groups –  SOCIETY then people contradiction as revolutionary middle strata – as emergent – crisis multiple outcomes  Capitalist state  rule of  Class, status and party: class  No class inequality bourgeoisie alliances, rational legal authority  Class related to means of  Class related to power, wealth  Division of labor = increased production  owners vs. and prestige – not only 2 form of solidarity than before workers (those who don’t add classes  not only material  there is no class inequality to production are useless and important not part of a class)  Classified people based on  Classified people based on placed in process of production process of production  Other factors with class –  Class is MOST IMPORTANT gender, stauts etc.  Gradual move to capitalism   Caused by protestant ethic   Problems are due to rapid conscious thought people need to work and social change, with new rules reinvest (accumulate and not there will be harmony spend because of destiny)  REVOLUTION  Revolution in the sense of  REFORM not REVOLUTION  transcending bureaucracy – division will form cohesion creating new non-bureaucratic society  Economic forces influence  Cultural belief influences  Culture is its own system thinking and social economic organization – including psychological and organization – relations of thinking influences production economic factors production influence thinking  Beliefs influence the way economy is set up  Iron cage when religious sanction is gone  Alienation as transitional stage  Alienation will stay as needed –  Anomic state because lacking  Alienation as consequence of it is the result of someone regulation in existing labor capitalism having creativity taken from practices – NOT because of  self, other, product, means of them – RESULT OF ANY alienation production ONLY SYSTEM based on rationality  Unification will be based on and production communication between
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