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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

← Some Core Propositions Common to 18 Century Rationlism: ← 1) Reason is the universally distinguished property of humans • We have good sense inherently ← 2) Human nature is everywhere the same • We have to pay attention to various conditions in a community (soil, climate, weather, etc.); creates an interesting point of difference in human nature • Variations in human nature were only due to local conditions • Fertile soil = wealth (according to Montesquieu) ← 4) Progress is the central law of society • Once we turn our eyes from the past to progress, the main goals of enlightenment will be met (key theorist regarding progress: Condorcet) • Continuous achievement of the human mind- turn our mind from the past to progress our goals of today will be achieved (Condorcet) ← ← Enlightened Guys: • Unity of reason and observation in the scientific method • What is, but also what is possible (what ought to be) • God gave reason to us – reason it the key to everything • Montesquieu is the most important ← ← III. Montesquieu ← 1. Introduction and Background • Social phenomenon is compatible with natural sciences • Patterns and regularities are the beginning and emergence of society • - Robert Adam wanted to design just like a landscape architect o Used patterns on the floor and ceiling to lead you in certain directions o Used columns to ‘thrust’ you in certain directions • - Landscape designing and picturesque works were characteristic of 18 century aristocracy • - Aristocracy built themselves grand townhouses in Versaille (?) ← ← 2. Social Science – Spirit of Laws • Laws of nature – right to preserve one’s life, right to eat, right to retain social relations ← 4) Social Phenomena – Laws – Cause/Effect • Criticized for not having very good observations – not always was he comparing ← ← Industrial Revolution: • All the changes has major affects on religion • Many people who wanted to improve lives wrote on society th
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