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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

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Classical Theory Marxeconomic forces influence thinkingsocial organization Weber cultural belief influences economic organization Durkheim culture is its own system including psychologicaleconomic factorsMARX matter is the only reality cultural life of man is an effect of his materialeconomic activity globalization can have an impact on societypropaganda model focuses on the equality of wealthpowerits multilevel effects on mass mediainterestschoices each generation exploits the resources by previous generation historical materialismdivision of labour entrenched system has to be taken over by a new system TypologyTribalism women raised childrenmen hunted hunting fishing agriculture divisions of labourextension of family as instruments of labour vary so does the division of labour in a military state we can control what they do voice of the ppl is heardyou dont have the controlCommunalism beings of private property moved into a stage of communalism Feudalism country basedland based origins of capitalismnobility power natural economy gives way for exchange economy bc of new expanding production Feudal Decline inefficiency development of bourgeoisie production growth organizationdev of capitalismCapitalism labour as chief commodity doomed by same conflict that enabled bourgeoisieowners materialism alienationall alienated in a diff workplace worker loses creativity Revolt caused by alienationorganization of proletariat established new order Socialismclassless state of utopiano private propertyeveryone is equalclosely related to social environments freedom is to take pride in their workPrivate property private ownership by capitalists of the means of production workers are controlled by private property rather than controlling it capitalist employs the workersowns the means of production4 Stages of Worker Alienation 1 alienated from the product he produces disconnected from creativity 2 alienated from the process of production loses essence if humanitycreativity 3 alienated from self cant dev personality 4 alienated from others ppl dont work together technology makes ppl isolated work is external to worker not part of his nature work is forced labour feelshome only during labour feels homeless at work Communist Manifesto exploitation thats open unashamed directbrutal emancipation of working class must be act of the working class itself capitalism has torn feudal ties man had to natural superiors resolved personal wealth into exchange value private property creates inequalityperpetuates a dysfunctional system abolition of all property in landgraduated income taxfree education for allequal obligation of all to workcentralized state banksWEBERlooks at rationalization projects a polar right of icy darknesshighly rational and bureaucraticlooks at those organizations of society as an iron cage industrializationsociological paradigms became more microscopic individualistic inductiveobsessed worigin of modern capitalism saw capitalism as modern phenomena system of institutions characterized by formaltechnical rationality rise of mature capitalism was affected by emergence of Protestant especially Calvinistic ethics born you are going to heavenhell rich will go to heaven bc they work for good of God mature capitalism pushed by rising forcereligious ethics of Protestantism
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