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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Lecture Notes Mon. Jan. 28 2013 th Conceptualization -the process of taking the fussy ideas and coming to agreement about the meaning -is the process of specifying what we mean by a term -a clear, verbal specification of your variable (concept) so that others know what it is and van place cognitive borders around it Concept -the end result of conceptualization -is an abstract term referring to a group of phenomena that enable us to link separate observations and to make generalizations – e.g. apathy, participation, liberalism etc. -concepts : abstract elements representing classes of phenomena -building blocks of theories -e.g. love, gender, health, obedience, conflict -we need to be specific in our definitions for measuring Construct -we can measure: constructs Constructs: -can not be observed directly or indirectly -theoretically created based on observations -concepts leads to constructs -conceptualization: the process of coming to an agreements about what concepts mean and represent with regard to social and physical reality Indicators -a sign of the presence or absence of the variable we are studying -we will discover disagreements in definitions of our concepts and indicators of these concepts Operationalization -stage when we decide how we will measure concepts within a study -most importantly, how variables will be measured -examples -measuring ethnic background based on mother tongue -measuring sex based on genitalia -measuring academic success based on GPA Interchangeability of indicators
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