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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Brown

1 Chapter 1Name four errors in inquiry the consequences of each and the respective potential solutions 2 What is the difference between a modern and postmodern worldview How does each perceive truth 3 Fill in the blanksTo oversimplify just a bit scientific theory deals with theaspects of science whereas data collection deals with theaspect BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p13 4 What is a theory ie define and explain 5 True or false Scientific inquiry can resolve whether capitalism is better or worse than socialism BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p13 Explain your response 6 What does aggregate mean and what is its relevance to scientific inquiry 7 Define the term variable and explain its relevance in terms of scientific inquiry 8 What is the relationship between social concepts attributes and variables What is the difference in the case of describing and explaining in any given scientific theory note provide an example or two to illustrate your answer 9 Define independent variable and dependent variable and explain the relationship between the two eg given prejudice and education which would be the dependent variable Explain 10 Define nomothetic and idiographic and explain the difference between the two in the case of scientific inquiry Provide an example in which you would use one over the other Is one better than the other 11 Define induction and deduction and provide an example for each 12 What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative data What are the advantages andor limitations of each Is one form better than the other according to the text 13 Fill in the blanksthe qualitative approach seems more aligned withexplanations while nomothetic explanations are more easily achieved through BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p25 14 What is the difference between pure and apllied research Is one better than the other 15 What are the two basic ethical issues in social scientific inquiry Explain the importance of each 1 Chapter 2According to the text the singular purpose of a theory is the provision of logical explanationTrue or false 2 What are the three functions served by theories identified in the text 3 Define the term paradigm and explain its importance to social scientific inquiry 4 Define and explain the difference between macrotheory and microtheory Provide an example for each 5 Identify ie name the six paradigms identified in the text and provide a short summary for each ie explain that which makes each paradigm distinctly different from the others how it might be applied etc Which ones do you gravitate to the most 6 What is the criticism of positivism both generally and according to more radical perspectives Why are these critiques important 7 Fill in the blanks are general frameworks or viewpointsthey provide ways of looking at life are grounded in sets of assumptions about the nature of realityby contrast are systemic sets of interrelated statements intended to explain some aspects of social life BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p41 8 Another word for postulates is Define this term including its relation to scientific theory 9 Define the term proposition and its relation to scientific theory 10 Define the term hypothesis and its relation to scientific theory 11 What does operationalization mean and why is it important Provide an example of an operationalized hypothesis 12 Fill in the blanksScientists have to be masters of their operational definitions for the sake of precision in andBabbieBenaquisto 2010 p43 13 A hypothesis can be conceived as being formed according to the following three components andExplainNote if you are not sure to find the answer refer to Figure 22 on page 44 14 Define and summarize hypothesis testing using the Discrimination in Canada illustration from the text 15 What is the difference between deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning 16 Fill in the blanksInone starts from observed data and develops a generalization which explains the relationship between the objects observed On the other hand inone starts from some general law and applies it to a particular instance BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p46 17 Explain Figure 23 on page 49 18 What is the Wheel of Science Draw it 19 How would you go about constructing a deductive theory Be as specific as possible about each step and provide an example 20 Name the two important elements in science BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p53 and explain why they are important 21 How would you go about constructing an inductive theory Be as specific as possible about each step and provide an example 22 Fill in the blanksUltimately science rests on two pillarsandBabbieBenaquisto 2010 p55 Explain the significance of each Chapter 3 1 What is the Tuskegee Syphillis Study and why is it an important case 2 What major ethical concern is the Milgram experiment usually used to illustrate In contrast what major ethical concern is the Zimbardo prison experiment usually used to illustrate Name at least four other potential risksharms to research subjects that must be avoided as outlined in the text 3 What three major granting agencies formed the TriCouncil and what was their primary goal in coming together 4 What are the eight Guiding Ethical Principles for research involving human according to the TriCouncil Policy Statement 5 REB is an acronym forand its rolepurpose is to6 What is one way that Statistics Canada protects the confidentiality of individual research participants 7 Name and explain three different types of disclosure 8 The text outlines a number of important ethical agreements in social research Identify and summarize each ethical agreement include an explanation of why each is significant consequential limitations etcNote these are captured by five broad headings in the text 9 Fill in the blanksthe scientific goal ofis threatened if experimental subjects or survey respondents are only the kinds of people who willingly participate in such things BabbieBenaquisto 2010 p65 Why is this the case 10 What is the difference between confidentiality and anonymity Why is this distinction important 11 Fill in the blank If deception is necessary ie for the experiment to be effective the research is required tohisher participants following the experiment Why Additionally provide a definition for the term 12What are some of the key ethical concerns raised by the Tearoom Trade experiment 1Chapter 4
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