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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3070

Week 1  Tues Jan 8/ Thurs Jan 10 – CH.1 Qualitative Methods - Qualitative Methodology: looking for themes in words/experiences of research participants (how develop theory) o focus on depth (smaller #s of ppl, but detailed info that has depth) but can reflect social biases - Quant: focus on breadth (large #s, little depth) - Thick Description: a thick, complicated description of things, events, not a quick, surface, thin description - Social constructionism: sociologists’ knowledge about social life involves understanding the meaning interaction has for participants and realizing analysis is made from a perspective informing the analysis - Positivism: w good research design& methods, can achieve what want to see objectively & any person sees too - Be able to generalize from sample studied to whole popn (inductive – general to specific) - Reliability: diff researchers come to same conclusions (objective reality to be found) - Validity: info on social world aspect and is compelling - Qual Research & Social Change  can be reflection of social change OR bring about social change o Applied sociology: seek to change individual behaviour/organizations/laws (implement social programs) o Qual action research: develop understandings of social setting & intervene in to help ppl studied (collaborative or participatory) o Institutional ethnography: starts w model of relations of subordination in contemporary capitalist society - Autoethnography: self at center of sociological obs& analysis, use their engagement in the interaction/their reflections as the data, extreme end of reflexivity perspective a) Emotional: focus on own involvement b)Analytic: focus on involvement, more on cognition w/i context - Visual ethnography: 2 ways- use camera for observing, take pics & show informants & see what reaction elicited - Objective VS Subjective o Objective: there’s a true, clear rep of what you’re studying o Subjective: knowing is based on an individual’s experiences, perceptions, feelings o Intersubjectivity: shared meanings of ppl being studied & community doing the studying - Emic VS Etic (want to blend the 2) o Emic: insider perspective on cultural phenomenon o Etic: outsider perspective - Reflexivity: questioning one’s place & power relations w/i the research process (inherent power diffs b/w the 2) - Triangulation: combining diff methods w/i one research design Week 2 Tues Jan 15 / Hoonaard Ch.3 Research Design - Sociological imagination: capacity to recognize the connection b/w individuals & their social context - Hierarchy of credibility: ppl at top have full story/less biased than ppl at bottom (don't have the knowledge) - Participatory Action Research (PAR): community based attempts to democratize the research process b
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