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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Anneke Olthof

Sociology: A Review *exam covers everything after the midterm, expect for the pre-midterm readings on courselink! “The foundations of sociology” (titles in textbook) *the sociological perspectives -structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, social conflict, plus feminism and postmodernism *sociological Investigation -science: concepts, variables, measurement -scientific sociology, interpretive sociology, and critical sociology -theory and methods “The foundations of society” *Culture: the essential ingredient *Society: evolution, Marx, Weber, Durkheim *Socialization: humanity, the process, agents (family, education, peers) *Social Interaction: status, role, performance, dramaturgical analysis *Groups and organizations: dyads/triads, groups, networks, (people you don’t know, i.e. Facebook) formal org’ns, bureaucracy (massive, government) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Sexuality: sex=biological; gender=social construct; sexual revolution/orientation *Deviance: social control (structural functional), strain theory (structural functional), labeling theory, crime, criminal justice “Social inequality” **social stratification – did not cover **global stratification – did not cover **aging and elderly – did not cover *social class in Canada *gender and stratification *race and ethnicity “Social institutions” – meets the needs of people within a society *the economy and work *politics and government *family *education **religion – did not cover **health and medicine –did not cover “Social change” *did not cover many chapter in this subject area You now know about: *sociology: theory and methods *Marx, Weber, and Durkheim *culture *society: how it works and changes *the individual and society *social control, conformity and deviance *gender relations and stratification *social diversity and inequality *major social institutions Linkages: *Durkheim- structural functionalism-scientific sociology *Weber- symbolic interactionism- interpretive sociology *Marx- social conflict-critical sociology Qu
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