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SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

Name: Kiran Ashraf Course: SOC*1130(DE) Date: September 22nd, 2013 Teacher: Deanna Suicide According to Durkheim (Anderson and Taylor, 2009) suicide is being distinguished in three types: Anomic Suicide, Altruistic Suicide and Egoistic Suicide. All three types of suicide have a different impact on people's lives. Anomic suicides commonly deals with bad forces in the society that make individuals feel mislaid or unaided. This type of suicide mainly occurs within teenagers, either they have been sexually abused or their parents are irresponsible and refuse to take care of them. Altruistic suicide happens when an individual has an extreme regulation of social forces. For example, giving up your life for a religious reason or political cause such as, "hijackers of the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center, suicide bombers etc."(Anderson and Taylor, 2009). Egoistic suicide deals with people that feels utterly disconnected from their society. Loss of family and friends increases the possibility of egoistic suicide. In addition, these are the three types of suicides that Durkheim has analyzed about individuals and the impacts of it on the society. On the other hand, although, suicide occurs in almost every corner of the world, but Aboriginals have been rated in the top list of individuals committing suicide in comparison to Non-Aboriginals(Kirmayer etal., 2007). As mentioned above, individuals commit suicide for a reason and as reported by Durkheim, two out of three types of suicides are being labelled as a reason for Aboriginals to commit suicide. Anomic suicide and egoistic suicide; these two modules describe the current situation of Aboriginals. According to the article, "Aboriginal Suicide: Why Are Suicide Rates Higher in Indigenous Communities"(Kirmayer etal., 2007), youth aborigines brought up thinking about suicide and looking it as an only solution to get rid of all the pain at an early age. This triggers anomic suicide because parents do not take care of their children and their minds are set. Furthermore, this art
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