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A proper self OPTION C

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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Deanna Behnke- Cook

A Proper Self Sociological Point of View Kiran Ashraf 10/27/2013 Course: SOC*1100 (DE) Instructor: Deanna Society as a whole, has a fair amount of impact on each individual. However, social deviance is what truly causes issues in the society. I am a Muslim female individual and Islam is my creed but I believe that Humanity is the biggest religion in the world that should come before any other religions. Despite the fact that every religion is different, yet it teaches the same thing. Make peace not war; love your fellow human-beings. I am studying sociology at the University of Guelph and I want to pursue my career in criminology because crime is an important part of a society, and it's essential to know why crime occurs and how does it impact the other individuals. Nevertheless, according to the book "Sociology" by John J. Macionis, chapter 5 "Socialization", one needs to know the social norms in order to adapt the society. Our social attributes come with experience and what we learn over the time. Sigmund Freud theory, discusses how there are three stages to a human behaviour. Id, ego and super-ego; Ego is what a human is born with, ( an urge to do something to please yourself). Id stage pushes an individual to do something that he/she doesn't want to do. Super-ego work as a "guilt factor" it can control your mind and prevent you from doing something you don't want to do (Macionis, John J). However, super-ego doesn't always take over the ego and thus, people end up committing crimes. According to Sut Jhally (the professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst) media is the main source of violence, inequality and disturbance in the society. Jhally writes, "fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring"( Jhally, Sut). In order for this society to be stabilized, fundamental changes are required that would keep the world from war and extreme conflicts. Jhally, criticize that this generation is leading the society to a whole different level and only we have the ability to prevent the bad from happening. In the video, Dreamworlds 3, Jhally explained how social media has a horrific influence on individuals. M
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