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SOC 1500
Scott Brandon

MIDTERM REVIEW: You will only be tested 6,7,8. Ch3,4,9,10 – CCT Ch 28- CJCR AND 2 ARTICLES ON COURSELINK (2 OR 3 QUESTIONS ONT HAT ARTICLE) FORMAT: (60 marks) 15 Q on T/F (25%) 40 MCQ (66.7%) 1 written Q (8.3%) BASED ON TODAYS LECTURE (FIRST TWO SLIDES) Categories of crime (street v white collared) Examples applied. (ex of homicide and tell me what type of homicide that is) Definitions of concepts how to apply them (labelling theory for ex) Theory: explain crimes or creators of crimes (subjectivist theories) Patterns of crime and characteristics of crime  what’s the most common form of homicide? Who is most likely to be killed? Males 18-24 etc. The strengths or weakness of theories (weaknesses= criticisms; especially labelling theory) Week 6 APPROACHES (23 Q) - Labelling theory (Defn, concepts, criticisms)  master status, achieved ascribed etc. - -Legal Stigma  General findings. - Marxist theories (radical criminology) 2 types; know instrumental v ___) - Neo-Marxist theories  the diff between the proleteriats and the bourlegies. - Liberal conflict theory (culture, group, indiv) - Conflict theory (textbook) Chambliss. Know what the argument is. - Reiman (argument) YOU NEED TO KNOW HIS NAME. Argued that you are more likely to be harmed from white collared crime than you are from street crime. - Feminist theory (different types: Radical, liberal socialists) - Power control theory: General argument is and criticisms) - Routine activities theory (suitbale target and capable guardian. DON’T NEED
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