SOC 1500 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Child Neglect, Anomie

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Anomie is the result of a disjuncture between culturally approved goals and the institutionalized means to achieve that goal. All of us are held to this middle class easing rod, often dif cult the live up to these expectations. Agreed w merton that strain can produce criminal behaviour. 1. inability to achieve positive valued goals , macro level (bigger things happening in society that we cant control at a individual level) Loss or threat of removal of positively valued stimuli . ex. breakup or divorce micro level (put on ourselves) Criminal behaviour can occur because we are attempting to prevent our loss, or replace the stimuli, and revenge for the loss etc. Presentation of negative stimuli sexual abuse , child neglect, micro level strain. Delinquency might be used to neutralize negative stimuli. These are generalizations females are more likely to respond to strain with oppression or anger, fear guilt and shame, blame themselves and worry about their effects cutting and eating disorders.