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SOC 1500 Final Exam Outline (F11)

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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
Alexander Shvarts

1 SOC 1500 Exam Date: December 16, 2011, 7-9pm Very Similar to Test 1 o MC/TF o Short Answer o All info after Test 1 o Anything in PowerPoint is fair game L5: Drug Crime o Talk about role of moral entrepreneurs in influencing US drug policies. Compare how drug policies were formed in US, UK and Canada. From: The Formation of Drug Policy in the US, UK, and Canada o What ideas do O’Maley and Mugford advocate to reduce the harm done by drugs? What does Hackler Advocate? From: A Harm-Reduction Drug Policy o What did Desroche find in his study of higher level of drug trafficking in Canada? o Why do people become drug dealers and addicts according to strain theory? Or according to Social Ecology theories? o How did the structure of society influence drug addiction for the following four groups: African Americans, Irish, Native, Disadvantaged Women L6: Violent Crime o What do biological OR psychological theories say about why people commit violent crimes? What solutions do they advocate? o Subcultures of Violence – What is it? What do Wolfgang and Ferracuti mean about subcultures of violence and provide 1-2 examples of subcultures of violence. From: Subcultures of Violence o According to Phillips, what conditions fostered a subculture of violence for African Americans? o Discuss Archer and Gartner’s two theoretical models that explain the impact of war on homicide. L7: Property Crime o Is stealing all a rational or pleasurable behavior? What does Shover, Katz, Cohen, Catz/Nettley say? o Why do people commit property crime according to social control theories? Give an example of 1-2
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