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Soc 1500 Lecture notes Midterm 1

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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
Andrew Hathaway

Lecture 1 Jan 122012Chapter 1 Crime and Criminology Learning objectivesDistinguish sociological from other explanationsDifferentiate between criminology and study of deviancePhilosophical considerationsCriminality or deviance innate to the person at the genetic biological psychological levelVs Sociological ConceptionRequires a negative or disciplinary responseIt is a matter of context which differs among cultures time history and norms etc o Ex Violence seen as wronghowever in other contexts it isnt wrong hockey games video games etcRoman coliseumNorms have changed in the 60s when Elvis danced it was inappropriate However we now have Jersey ShoreWe are more accepting of different peopleBefore you could smoke in the operation room now you cant smoke on hospital propertyActions havent changed perspectives have o How same behaviour is treated differentlyDebate about how deviance cannot be innate because it needs contextRelies on the a reaction of the society society defines what deviant isSocial control mechanism Formal and InformalFormal Social Control Criminal Justice system o Authoritiespolice process of arrest detainment prosecutionofficial Informal Social Control How we control our own behaviouras a result of upbringing and socialisation o Internalise our communityparentsEx gossip ridicule norms culture stereotypes o More pervasive in societydont need laws to keep us in lineDifferentiating crime and Deviance needs clear distinctionsCrime o We understand that it is a crime and is in the criminal law o Not all crime is deviant Some that are harmful are not always actively penalised routine almostEx speedingtax evasionharms to the environmentSome that are not harmful are penalized and shouldnt beEx prostitution illicit drugsAs proven harm criteria doesnt always workDeviance o Isnt easy to understando Not a crime o Just means not following social norms o Not all deviance is crimeEx not a crime to wear white after Labour day but its deviant Objective and Subjective POV look at criminalitylawObjective Genetic biological and psychologicalo Sees crime as norm violationtakes the law for granted o There is no point in questioning the law o We dont question norms or standards if someone goes against the norms they are being deviant o It is a assumed that the definition of deviance is agreed upon o Mainstream criminologistNot our job to question the lawCrime prevention is the goalSubjective o Law is a human product a social construction subjectively constructed o Allows us to question why the law is as it is investigateWhy are things against the law and others notWhy certain laws came about when they didWhy do some law make sense and others dontWho when and what was involved o Critical criminologistLaws are a social constructProduct of the powerfulRaises questions about the lawIf law is justice o Who is justice What is the definition of justice Whose interest is served by the lawChapter 2 Criminal Law and its ProcessOrigin and features of common law o How common law is codified customs th England 18 CenturyIn the past religion rules the lawsCivil law Quebec is based on French lawsCustoms and traditions used to manage conflictSystem in Canada derives from the UK Fundamentals of Criminal LawThings changed from the Ancient world in the Dark ages Barbarians took over o Recordings of traditions were thrown into disarray o Retreat to superstition Magical understanding surfaced again Regression occurred Things went back to the preWestern way of thinking
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