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SOC 1500 Study Guide - Final Guide: Parenting Styles, Young Offenders Act, Legal Aid

Course Code
SOC 1500
Michelle Dumas
Study Guide

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Review – Final exam – Dec 15 8:30-10:30 AM
MacKinnon 606 (December 8 and 14: 11:30-1:00)
25 True or False (less than half are true)
85 Multiple Choices
1 Written (5 marks) (4/5 marks from week 8)
Total: 120 marks
Don’t need to know:
Specific stats (proportion of people on probation for ex)
Should know
Categories of crime (week 8- street and while collar crime)
Patterns of crime
Patterns of CJS (police, courts and corrections)
Theory: explain categories of crime (focus on subjectivists, how do they see white
collar crime vs. street crime)
Cumulative but mainly based on post midterm
Theory: which is subjectivist/objectivist (distinguish between the two)
Characters of crime (committed by who/how)
Soc theories (week 3 and 4 and some from 5)
Subjectivist how you explain and see types of crime (week 4)
Week 7: Media and crime (11Q)
Sacco, Vincent. 1995. Media constructions of crime (page 141-154)
Slingerland, Copes, and Sloan 2006. Media construction of white collar violence
revisited (423-429)
CSI effect
Social constructionism (concepts, rhetorical devices)
Public arenas model (concepts – df, apply)
Given examples and identify
Models of newsworthiness (market and manipulative)
Violence in film
School shootings (general findings-victims)
Constructions of crime (Sacco reading)
Reporting crime (sc vs. wcc)
Week 8: Patterns (16 Q)
CCT Ch.2 (55-63)
Ch.3 patterns
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