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Intimate violence a form of violent behaviour that occurs in a context of familiarity, such as wife/child abuse. Criminology the scientific study of nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behaviour. Criminologist one who brings objectivity and method to the study of crime and its consequences. Although the terms criminology and criminal justice may seem similar, they have major differences. Criminologists explain the etiology (origin), extent and nature of crime in society. Criminal justice scholars describe and analyze the work of the police, courts, and correctional facilities and how to design effective methods of crime control. Deviant behaviour behaviour that departs from the social norm, but which doesn t always warrant legal sanction. Decriminalization reducing the penalty for a criminal act but not actually legalizing it. Utilitarianism a view that believes that the punishment of crime should be balanced and fair, which underlies the belief in classical criminology that even criminal behaviour must be seen as purposeful and reasonable.

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