SOC 1500 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Criminology, Social Distance, Labeling Theory

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7 Nov 2012

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Crime is a response of anger and frustration. Durkheim"s concept of anomie": lack of norms due to rapid social change. Merton"s theory of anomie: universal goals but access to means to achieve goals is limited, lower-class experiences strain between goals and means and are more likely to choose illegitimate means. Social adaptions to strain: conformity: individuals have goals and the means to attain them. Creates a stable society, without it society would cease to exist: innovation: illegal means of achieving goals most criminal, ritualism: pleasure is gained from practicing traditional ceremonies least criminal, retreatism: rejects goals and means of society. Deviant: rebellion: call for alternatives set of goals and means in order to create alternative opportunities and lifestyles. Institutional anomie theory: messner and rosenfeld, american dream job is more important than home and family. Females tend to have more emotion than males, however, due to the fact that they are socialized differently, their crime rates are lower than males.