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University of Guelph
SOC 2010
Scott Brandon

Micro and Macro terms of Sociology 1) Problems defining culture -What is culture? Language, beliefs, norms, material objects, right vs. wrong -War metals, memento, not shared by everyone -Broad, non-tangible -Includes material and non-material (values/thinking/beliefs) -Invisible to us -Much is taken for granted References are specific: Double Double / Toonie etc. 2) The importance of culture -A lens through which we evaluate -We can experience culture shock-> disorientation, don’t know how to react -Problem of ethnocentrism -> one culture is superior and dominant/ dangers is one uses their own culture as a yard stick 3) What culture is… -A social construct -> based on socialization -Informs our actions/beliefs -Source of moral imperative (how we act) -Contacts with other cultures, challengers our own 4) The problem of culture relativism-> look at it in a different perspective -Understanding a people from their own culture -Not easy to practice; we judge others 5) Symbolic (non-material) culture -Includes: gestures, languages, values, norms and sanctions -Symbols: we attach meanings and communicate with others (non-verbal) -Gestures: vary by culture (some offensive) 6) The role of language in Culture -Allows human experience to be cumulative -Provides a shared past -Provides a shared future -Allows for shared perspectives and beliefs 7) Values, Norms, & Sanctions -> expressions of approval or disapproval -Part of culture; are values -Values are deemed to good; what the world “ought” to be -Norms: expectations of behaviors based on values 8) Values in Canadian Society -Achievement and success -Individualism -Material Comfort -Humanitarianism -Equality -Education -Religion -Environment 9) Problems with Values -What do people do when their values are challenged? -Values become “blinders” to who we really are 10) The problem of “ideal” vs. “real” culture -Ideal culture: what we hope for -Example: Success -Real culture: what you get -Example: same sex marriage: opposed by many, but adopted by Canadians as law Changes annually- more lenient 11) Spicer Commission report: core Canadian values -Equality and fairness
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