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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Review Questions Won‘t be any questions on specific case studies 1--what are some cultural universals of what people find attractive? Symmetry – good health – fertility- 0.70 hip ratio for women 0.90 ratio for men 2--What is James Randi‘s contest? A million dollars awarded to persons that can prove they have super powers, has never been given out. 3--what are some of the major drugs for treating mental illnesses? For anti-depressants - Zoloft. Antipsychotic ex. Thorazine. Lithium for manic depressants. 4--why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped (according to Katz)? Don‘t want to admit that life is unfair and that we ourselves are vulnerable. 5--what is secondary deviance? tertiary? When u start to internalize label and act upon it. Tertiary is when you try and get rid of the stigma (ex. deaf and proud of it) 6--what % of people are gay? What did Kinsey say? **Exam Q** guys- 2.8% 1.4% for gals. (UOCHICAGO) Kinsey said 10 percent of peeps are gay. 7--what are the main perspectives used to study sex work? Moralistic (its all wrong) and social worker (the work is wrong not worker, worker can be saved.) Marxist (product of capitalism) functionalist approach (its has its benefits to society) 8--What are Wheeler‘s factors for identifying sex acts? **exam Q** What who where when and how 9--What is de-institutionalization? To remove people from mental asylums - temporary treatment with antipsychotics and then boot them from asylum, when released were fine til they ran out of medication or they stopped taking it thinking they were cured. 10--What did I say might have caused Salem witchcraze? Mold that grew on bread led to Orgot poisoning that caused hallucinations 11--Give an example of cognitive deviance. Galileo, or the doctor who believed in washing hands before childbirth. 12-how might women and men be treated differently for mental health? They have lower standards then women, who are more likely institutionalized then men and are treated with higher standard. Men are seen as more of a threat 13--what was the Rosenhan study? – something about this will be on exam Sent sane people into asylum to see how long it would take them to get out – then said he would send more people in but didn‘t, which led the doctors to deem some people, who needed help, sane. 14--What correlations is there between SES and mental illness? (socio-economic-status) Poor are more likely to have mental disorders – negative correlation 15--what is the drift hypothesis for SES and mental disorders? Poor people more likely to become mentally ill – mentally ill are more likely to become poor. 16--What did Thomas Scheff say was the cause of mental illness? – Don‘t need to know but is interesting- All mental illness is a product of labeling – becomes permanent – ex. Alcoholism 17—When is the exam? 18--How are suicide rates different for men and women? Men are more successful but don‘t try as much women have a higher attempt rate but don‘t actually follow through. 19--What was something feminist Wendy McElroy said about pornography? What perspective does she represent? It can be a good thing, shouldn‘t be censored not because censorship is bad but because it can be could for women. – civil libertarian – sexual feminist 20 What type of drug treats schizophrenia? Mood disorders? Bi-polar? Antipsychotic – anti-depressant – stabilizers 21--Why is magic and faith called the supernatural? Because they may exist or may not exist 22--What paradigm says etiology is served by epidemiology? (Essentialism or social constructionism) – know these definitions** Essentialism 23--What are contingencies? factors that effect the labeling process 24--What is voluntary guilt (stigma) by association? Tattoo effect 25--What is an example of a sexual fetish? A paraphilia? Ex. 26--In America, how many women die from eating disorders, according to Naomi Wolf? What is a better estimate? 8200 a year according to statistics 27--What is ―elective affinity?‖ Mutual attraction between social factors and belief systems by max weber 28--Why did Fielder say we are bothered by freaks? – healthy development in children requires clear boundaries 29--What were the two approaches used to study prostitution in Thailand? Etic approach and emic approach (insider vs. outsider) 30--What groups are more likely to believe in ―Intelligent Design?‖ than natural selection? Religious people – Americans - 31--What is the difference between a crank and a curmudgeon? Curmudgeon – obsolete scientist holding on to obsolete views – crank is someone out side of the scientific practice with extreme views 32--What operation was once performed on women to treat hysteria? Hysterectomy 33--What are parapsychologists? Paranormal 34--What do evolutionary psychologists say about sex? Attractiveness? Adultery? Women react more negatively to emotional infidelity men are more hostile/negative towards physical infidelity 35--Which is polygenetic, primary or secondary deviance? Many different causes of primary deviance is poly genetic. Secondary is from primary and therefore from one source and not polygenetic 36--How do people who believe in the paranormal/supernatural defend their beliefs? – using logical fallacies 37--What is a myth about the Spanish Inquisition? Who were they really targeting? Targeting heretics and converts – they were not really burning ‗witches‘ 38--What are some of the ways we feel about the disabled/handicapped? Feel sorry for but avoid at the same time pity & scorn 39--What is an honour killing? Father/family member kills daughter/wife to keep honor in the family name 40--What are some of the reasons given for female circumcision? Religion and health. To prevent clitoris from turning to a penis – ensure virginity upon marriage - 41—What two churches performs gay marriage? United church of Canada Episcopalians in state 42—Where is Female Genital Mutilation most commonly practiced? Africa 43--the gay rights parade started as an example of what kind of deviance? Tertiary deviance – ‗I‘m gay and proud of it‘ 44--For essentialism and social constructionism, how might we classify Sigmund Freud? Gay rights advocates? Margaret Mead? Biology is destiny – Freud (Essentialist) - gay rights advocates – (essentialists). mead - constructionalism 45—What is a synonym for FGM? Female circumcision 46--Who or what did The Toronto Star blam
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