SOC 2070 Midterm: SOC 2070 Midterm Review

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7 Mar 2017

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Topic 1: thinking about social deviance & deviance as (cid:498)sin(cid:499) Sociological theory: a set of general propositions meant to explain social phenomena, a good theory of deviance allows you to look at your life in brand new ways. It is a type of mind set that we bring to the phenomena in question, there is nothing inherently deviant. Shift in the other direction: deviance is that which violated social norms (i. e. , objectivist assertion) out of our own behaviours. Informal social control: informal efforts by family, friends and acquaintances. When we encounter something that we don"t understand, it as an objective position of truth. The promise of science: positivism: increases social solidarity: the extent to which we share norms and values, the ways in which we, emile durkheim (1857-1917): looked at society as a large operating system, series of functioning parts.

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