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Deviance - Final Review.doc

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Final Exam ReviewThere are about 80 questions Not cumulative though I expect you to remember the basic vocabulary weve built along the way Use of a dictionary is allowed There wont be any questions on the case studies in each chapter Remember to study the manual as well as the readings and textbookReview Questions1what are some cultural universals of what people find attractivesymmetry Good health2What is James Randis contest1millionto someone who could actually perform a magical ability of any kind 3what are some of the major drugs for treating mental illnessesSSRIs antidepressantsLithium mod stabilizationbipolarAntipsychotics schizophrenia4why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped according to Katzreminds us of our own vulnerability and that life isnt always fair 5what is secondary deviance tertiarySecondaryresults in being labeled tertiaryaccepting label and rebelling against stigma associated with it6whatof people are gay What did Kinsey sayAccording to UofChicago study28 for men 14 for womenKinsey 10 not a random sample study7what are the main perspectives used to study sex workFeminist radicalLibertarianMarxist equalitySocial worker salvage prostitutesFunctional 8What are Wheelers factors for identifying sex actswho what how when where9What is deinstitutionalizationkicked people out of mental asylums putting them on narcotic drugs then releasing them
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