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Deviance – Midterm 1 Review.docx

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Deviance – Midterm 1 Review Midterm Review Review Questions Have to know: What are some things that have become Chapters 1,2,3, 7 and Units 1-4 Manual, more deviant recently? and the relevant articles - Drinking and driving --about 80 questions What are some things have become less deviant? Midterm has True-False and multiple - homosexuality choice questions - teen pregnancy --no dates need to know, concepts and What does relative mean? theorists’ names are important - dependent on the situation/contextual --occasional question on proportions and What is a positive or negative correlation ratios or relationship? - positive = increase/increase --strengths and weaknesses of paradigms - negative/inverse = important increase/decrease --I will say, “According to the article...” or What are the elements of the Positivist “According to the instructor” approach? - empiricism, objectivism, determinism What can social constructionism do that Positivism cannot? - imaginary/secret deviance What is the difference between primary and secondary deviance? - primary = initial act (many causes = polygenetic) - secondary = people internalize label (caused by labeling the person deviance in the first place) What is a tautology? = circular aguement/true by definition What is it when an argument has its What is a self-fulfilling prophecy? conclusions for its assumptions? It’s - see yourself how others see you (labeling) circular What is a weakness of Foucault’s What are the person types for Contrology? Strain/Anomie Theory? - all social control is holistic, unified and -conformists, innovators, ritualist, coercive. retreatist, rebels Why do critics call Self-Control Theory What does Strain Theory struggle to fatalistic? explain? - self-control forms by age 8 (genet
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