SOC 2070 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fluvoxamine, Salim Mansur, Mind Control

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Legalized in the us in 2003 (some states still had some anti-sodomy laws) Some couples could be jailed for oral sex under sodomy laws in 11 states. Legal definition included: touching anus with penis or tongue, touching penis or vagina with mouth or breasts, touching breasts with mouth (except babies) Was seen as a mental illness until 1973. Allowed to openly serve in canadian military in 1992 and in 2011 in the united states. Only united church and episcopalians have gay marriage. Kinsey claimed 10% of those he surveyed had homosexual behaviour. 1994 sex in america study found in a random survey most people were conventional. People who saw themselves as homosexual (or had gay sex in the last year: men: 2. 8, women: 1. 4% Fetish: material, place or thing (leather or rubber) Men more into them than women, so women sex workers are the ones who get paid to perform.

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