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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Final Exam Review There are about 80 questions Not cumulative though I expect you to remember the basic vocabulary weve built along the way Use of a dictionary is allowed There wont be any questions on the case studies in each chapter Remember to study the manual as well as the readings and textbook1what are some cultural universals of what people find attractive Symmetry good health fertility070 waist to hip ratio for women090 waist to hip ratio for men2What is James Randis contest A million dollars to whoever can prove they have a power or that supernatural exists Most of the people he gets are dowsers3what are some of the major drugs for treating mental illnesses Antidepressants for mood disorders ex ZoloftAntipsychotic for schizophrenia ex Cyprexa For bipolar disorder Lithium4why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped according to KatzThey dont want to admit that life is unfair and that it could have easily happened to them 5what is secondary deviance tertiary Secondary when you internalize the label and your behavciour changes because youve been labelledTertiary trying to eliminate the stigma Im deaf and proud of it6whatof people are gay according to U of T What did Kinsey say He said 10 Male 28Female 14question on exam7what are the main perspectives used to study sex workPro choice is rightMoralistic condemning the sex worker and the work as both bad and immoral Social worker condemning the work but not the worker saying they should be savedMarxist a product of capitalismFunctionalist 8What are Wheelers factors for identifying sex actsWhat when who where howquestion on exam9What is deinstitutionalizationTaking people out of mental asylums and dumping them onto the streets once there are capable of functions Often run out of meds or stop taking them and condition returns Lead to influx of homeless people in the US 10What did I say might have caused Salem witchcrazeErgot poisoning hallucinogen in LSD found in rye breads11Give an example of cognitive deviance Scientology believing the world is flat Wegners theory of continental drift Galelio said they world revolved around the sun 12how might women and men be treated differently for mental healthWomen have lower standards more likely to be deinstitutionalized because they are seen as less of a hazard than men13what was the Rosenhan studySent people into asylums to pretend they had an issue and measure how long it would take for them to be let out Later let asylums know he would be sending them fake patietsbut didnt and they began rejecting people that they thought were fakers14What correlations is there between SES and mental illness The poor are more likely to become mentally illNegative correlation 15what is the drift hypothesis for SES and mental disorders People with mental illness drift down SES and end up at the bottomcan no longer work and care for themselves 16What did Thomas Scheff say was the cause of mental illness not on exam All mental illness is a product of labelling17When is the examth Saturday December 8 830 am
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