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When a police officer shoots and kills a struggling suspect, many observers would say that that killing is justified and not a legitimate instance of violence. Covert institutional violence: inflicts harm to victims" body, dignity, autonomy, and freedom. Every society on earth has had a taboo against murder. By definition murder is a deviant, criminal killing. Killing has not always nor everywhere been a crime. Thou shall not kill : kill refers to killing any human life regardless of motive or circumstance, it is objective and descriptive. Thou shall not murder : murder refers to particular killing belongs to a category of deviant acts, it is subjective. Kind david (killed in battle): took human life. He was not in violation of god"s law but in pursuit of it. David slaying of goliath was a righteous killing, most certainly not one prohibited by the 6th commandment. Taking a human life and the death of a human being is judged very differently.

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