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SOC 2070 Study Guide - Final Guide: Michel Foucault, Brandeis University, Erving Goffman

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski
Study Guide

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Final Exam Review
There are 80 questions. Not cumulative, though I expect you to remember the
basic vocabulary we’ve built along the way. Use of a dictionary is allowed. There
won’t be any questions on the case studies in each chapter.
Review Questions
1. What are some cultural universals of what people find attractive?
Fertility, hip to waist ratio, money
2. What is James Randi’s contest?
1 million dollars to whoever can prove they have a supernatural ability
3. What are some of the major drugs for treating mental illnesses?
Basic types: Anti-depressants; Anti-psychotics; stabilizers
4. Why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped (according to Katz)?
Because we’re worried that it might happen to us
5. What is secondary deviance? Tertiary?
Secondary – because you’ve been labeled, you do other deviant acts
Tertiary – trying to get rid of the stigma but not the trait
o Ex: gay pride parades
6. What % of people are gay? What did Kinsey say?
2.8 for men; 1.4 for women
Kinsey says 10%
7. What are the main perspectives used to study sex work?
Functionalism – functions of prostitution / sex work
Social work
Radical feminists
8. What are Wheeler’s factors for identifying sex acts?
Who, what, when, where, how
9. What is de-institutionalization?
Mass removal of mental patients; putting them on the streets without
follow up care
10. What is the one crime unforgivable under Islamic law?
Apostasy – leaving Islam

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11. Give an example of cognitive deviance.
Dr. who was condemned for washing his hands before delivering babies
12. Who gets diagnosed as mentally ill more often, bachelors or married men?
Bachelors – women look for guys who are emotionally stable and if a guy
is a bachelor it says something about his mental status
13. What was the Rosenhan study?
Have to know*** more than 1 question
Sent volunteers into asylums, then saw how long it took for them to get
released; average 19 days
14. What correlations is there between social economic status (SES and mental
Less likely to get mental illness if social economic status is high
More poor people are mentally ill
15. What is the stress hypothesis for SES and mental disorders?
Being poor is a stress and therefore you’re more likely to develop mental
illnesses / problems
16. What did Thomas Scheff say was the cause of mental illness?
Blamed it all on labeling; people get labeled mentally ill so they become
mentally ill ! not true but still a popular explanation
17. When and where is the exam?
7:00pm Thorn
18. How are suicide rates different for men and women?
Men perform ¾ suicide – men more likely to shoot themselves with gun or
hang themselves
Women attempt it more – slashing wrists and taking pills
19. Chesler accuses some modern feminists of becoming racist against what
Jews because they don’t want to offend Muslim feminists
20. What type of drug treats schizophrenia? Mood disorders? Bi-polar?
Schizophrenia – anti-psychotics
Depression (mood disorders) – anti-depressants
Bi-polar – mood stabilizer
21. Why is magic and faith called the supernatural?
Natural – can study

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Magic and faith – has not been proven to exist
22. What paradigm says etiology is served by epidemiology? (essentialism or
social constructionism)
Etiology – study of causation
Epidemiology – study of distribution within the population
Essentialism – look at who has it and the causation for it
Social constructionism -
23. What are contingencies?
Used for meaning things that affect the labeling process
Appearance, dress / attire, eye-contact, etc
Judges often mistreat native suspects in court because they don’t meet
the person’s eye, assuming it means guilt – but in native culture, you don’t
meet a superior’s eye when talking to them
24. What is voluntary guilt (stigma) by association?
Solidarity to show part of a group to people
25. What is an example of a sexual fetish or paraphilia?
Leather; foot fetish
26. In America, how many women die from eating disorders, according to Naomi
Wolf? What is a better estimate?
Naomi Wolf 100,000 ! shows moral panic
Better estimate – 80-100 / under 100
27. What is “elective affinity?”
Compatibility between belief systems and life conditions
28. Why did Fielder say we were bothered by freaks?
Because of childhood trauma and subconscious issues growing up
29. What are some things from the Ex-Muslims presentation?
30. What is “Intelligent Design?” What does it accept and reject?
The belief or theory that evolution was guided by a higher power;
everything was created by G-d, just over an extended period of time
Rejects natural selection – evolution happened, but not through natural
31. What is the difference between a crank and a curmudgeon?
Curmudgeon – someone who is scientifically old fashion
Crank – pseudo-scientist; has own wild theories to explain things and
rejects everything else; usually guys
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