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SOC 2070 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: U.S. Route 35, Judith Shapiro, Embezzlement

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SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski
Study Guide

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Midterm 2 Review Questions
Review Questions:
1) What is the difference between robbery and theft?
Robbery personal confrontation
Theft stealing when the person isn’t present or not paying attention
2) What is the relationship between victim and perpetrator in robbery?
People steal from people they don’t want to be recognized by
3) What is the age of consent?
4) What was an oddity from the Koss campus rape study regarding the women who were
allegedly raped?
They didn’t define themselves as having been raped had sex with the person more than
5) How similar are the perpetrators and victims of murder?
Less likely to be killed by a complete stranger; intra-racial
6) What are the theoretical perspectives to explain rape?
1. Individual
2. Cultural
3. Situational
4. Interactionist
7) What do you remember about Alison’s presentation?
LEAP Law enforcement against probation
8) What does homosocial mean?
Very similar; a murderer and their victims tend to be homosocial similar age, same
social background, live in the same area of town, same race, etc
9) What are inclusive and exclusive definitions of rape & sexual assault?
Inclusive bigger; radical feminists like to see a lot of things as sexual assault
Exclusive rapists like to see as few things as sexual assault
10) If you want the highest possible estimate for sexual assault, where do you get your data?
Random survey; Official Statistics tend to be relatively low but still useful
11) Which is a bigger category: corporate or white-collar crime?
White-collar all corporate crime is white-collar
Corporate taken by the corporation for the corporation
12) What is the greatest deterrent for corporate crime?
Tort settlements
13) Why is corporate crime less disturbing than other crimes?
Non-criminal activity; harder to prosecute; no intention of physical harm
14) Who is someone who started the study of corporate crime?
Edwin Sutherland Differential Association Theory Approach
15) What is the process of preparing someone for an illegal and illicit sexual relationship?
Grooming giving toys to a child; giving undeserved grades to a student
16) What is blood libel?
The myth that Jewish people kidnapped a Christian child in order to use his blood to
make Matzah / to be used in Jewish rituals
17) What is the difference between interracial and intraracial?
Interracial between different groups
Intraracial within the same group
18) What is the process of preparing someone for an illegal and illicit sexual relationship?
19) What can we say about those doing the online sextortion?
Generally males in young 20s look for no deep connection with victims; need to fulfill a
sense of power
20) Who coined the term “orientalism
Edward Said
21) When women kill, usually
a. They kill men
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