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Notable theoretical approaches to agriculture and good in capitalist era. Classical political economy: adam smith, david ricardo, john stuart mill => critiqued by karl marx and frederick engles: before neoclassical, politics and economics were linked but are linked as seen in the us system. Us: a number of sectors have been taken over by foreign corporations. Canadian political economy and influence on canadian socio. Macpherson on prone populism ; v. fowke on wheat economy. Pioneered by william friedland and colleagues: 1st commodity study iceberg lettuce, production, processing, and distribution (manufacturing green gold, use of illegal immigrant labour from mexico, labour relations, after wwii became integral part of us diet. Look at particular commodity from beginning to end. Sydney mintz: sweetness and power: bloody history; labour from 16th c. and slave trade until 1870s, how sugar was infused in english working class society (during 19th c. was factory of the world)

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