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Midterm Review Part 2

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

The Role of Farmers Parties A New Form of Power most progressive farm leaders of the province set out to build a unifiedbroadly based farm organizationunited farmers was to provide organizational vehicle for agrarian protest that occurred in the province laterFarmerLabour Gov in OntWW1 played part in propelling social movements brought up rural protests that ended in farmers forming the most economically significant jurisdiction in the country military acts stated that men aged 2045 were to enlist farmers opposed this boys from farm families were exempted from this bc of vital role they played to produce food for the war effort this promise didnt hold farmers sent 5000 ppl to Ottawa to explain why they didnt feel this was right Prime Minister opposed this farmers won most votes in parliament before selecting leaderthis however was short lived they did achieve some things made funds available for publichealth nursesfree clinics in the province enacting minimum wage law for womengirls increased max percent payable to injured workers from 5566 of their wages increased allowances to widows invalid husbandstheir children doubled money collected from rich in form of succession duties also wanted to bring Hydroelectric power under tighter control threats wcost overruns established savings institution to generate revenue to provide provincial farm credit system to aid wimprovements on Ontario farms created alliance of farmers and labour forces to advance on common goalsThe National Progressive Partyin 20s farm organizations wanted to achieve downward shift in duties for goods they depended on for production ie farm implementsmachinery fertilizers lubricating oils Farmers Platform centered on need to reform Canadian tariff legislation agrarian movement favoured independent political action Rejuvenating Canadian Democracy agrarians fought for changes that would alter political life in Canada wanted constituency autonomy a concept implying that candidates should be nominatedsupported by local electors rather than by a national party organization high degree forindependenceresponsiveness to local concerns implied the principle of constituency autonomy ran against toldstyle party politics The CFF A Lasting Political Vehicleagrarians saw limitations of cooperativesin a way that economic power was concentrated in a few private hands built a political party informed by a critique of the existing orderwelded together a farmerlabour alliance wheat pool were forced to shut down central selling offices abroad and sell through middlemen efforts to control wheat trade on behalf of western farmers collapsed wout a more encompassing socialization of society the people first principle of cooperativism would be a utopian dream depression of wheat farms affected all farms many farmers had to give up any necessities in order to gain any money from what they could grow and sellCFF cooperation commonwealth federation became governing party in Saskatchewan JS Woodsworth was trusted by famers and labourers and would defend their causes League for Social Reconstruction LSR brought together intellectual energies on the left to work for social change Regina Manifestoconvention set down principles that were to guide new political party and determine how many members would strive to reshape Canadian political reality illustrated preparedness of this agrarian community to embrace solutions that constituted a radical form of the old social order noted glaring inequalities waste instability of the existing capitalist economy set out an agenda for extending public ownership of the economy demanded unemployment insurance industrial accident old agedemand for limitations on working hours foundation for modern welfare state
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