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Midterm Review Part 1

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SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

SOC 2080Rural Sociology emerged in USA romanticised vision of small townfarms early rural sociology land grant institutions emerged intellectual focus key institutions of rural society religion health care law politics economics in rural and small towns attention paid to how rural life was different than emerging urban society dominant paradigm was one that focused on diff issues in rural communityhow they function structural functional approach to societylooked at society as a system Compared society to biological organisms how parts of the body have diff functions so does societyif one part starts to malfunction it affects everything is society a biological organism most say noclergy involved in early rural soc Many problems malnutrition poverty mass unemployment farmers having a lot of problems in all forms of society overall the approach was one of consensus of issues and didnt look at issues of conflictHarold Inniswrote about impact of the production of raw resourceshistorical production of staples production fur trade fishery on the coaststhwheat and lumber timbretimbre economy was huge in 19 century logging everything wheat economy very important bc wheat helped foster industrial revolution in Canada unlike other places in Ontario and West we settled agriculture in family farm type structure Not adopted in other countries bc other countries have already established large land owning units w small class of powerful land ownersCanada and USA were not settled this way why they have a lot of economic power family farm structure matters bc it allowed each family that settled enough land to make enough and some extra to sell in market and to accumulate some capital and invest mainly wheatfamily farmers first big task was cutting trees got in way of agriculture and clearing rocks in fields After they planted wheat knew they could sell wheat to traders to buy goods in process they had disposable income most people typically dont very significant and allowed them to purchase a variety of goodsmerchants made money by making farm equipment for these farmers things drawn by horsesenough people had disposable money in farming areas which helped with industrial revolution able to buy manufactured goods for farms January 122012Food and the AgroIndustrial Complex in Canada prologue to book Fooddiet in Paleolithic and Neolithic Times Paleolithic up to last ice age lower paleolithic was earliest humankind and emergence of handax industries Middle had Neanderthal humans upper had only modern homosapiens paleolithic diets intense debate about what the diets were like they vary according to environment wide variety of plant and animal proteindiets humans evolved to thrive on no dairy no grains at the time details about health and what they are able to physically accomplishtime span was 8000150200 years before present much longer if we consider early human species 2 million years paleolithic communities were largely unstratified not a long time span since we have domesticated plants and animalsNeolithic Time new stone age farm animals first domesticated and agriculture was introduced ththbegan in near east in 8 millennium and spread to Europe by 4 millennium Early Agrarian dietary regime
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