SOC 2080 Midterm: Midterm Review Part 1

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Document Summary

Emerged in usa, romanticised vision of small town/farms (early rural sociology) Intellectual focus key institutions of rural society (religion, health care, law, politics, economics in rural and small towns) Attention paid to how rural life was different than emerging urban society. Dominant paradigm was one that focused on diff. issues in rural community & how they function (structural functional approach to society)-looked at society as a system. Many problems (malnutrition, poverty, mass unemployment, farmers having a lot of problems) in all forms of society. Overall the approach was one of consensus of issues and didn t look at issues of conflict. Harold innis-wrote about impact of the production of raw resources & historical production of staples production (fur trade, fishery on the coasts) Wheat and lumber (timbre)-timbre economy was huge in 19th century (logging everything), wheat economy very important b/c wheat helped foster industrial revolution in canada (unlike other places, in ontario and.