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University of Guelph
SOC 2280
Mark Juhasz

Society and Environment Case Studies Case Study #1: Mackenzie Valley Pipeline - Mack Valley is a natural transportation route and is longest river system in Canada and is not polluted. In 1970’s exploration in Mackenzie Delta region had been give added impetus by American plans to transport Alaskan gas to lower states. These plans involved pipeline that would run along Mackenzie Valley. - Recommended 10-year postponement to allow settlement of Aboriginals and called ban on pipeline due to environmental and cultural concerns. Despite these decisions there is another pipeline proposal in North today. Would be significant but temporary source of employment. CARC is not environ group but advocate for North’s people and environment. - Berger inquiry reviewed the plans to build pipe. Justin Berger made sure all stakeholders had a say. Case Study #2: The Great Lakes - Great Lakes contain the world’s largest system of freshwater islands. Originally the lakes were opened for transportation. Now fisheries, recreations etc. occur. However, lakes have been becoming cheap place for dumping waste. - Solid wastes from residents of area can enter waterways via rainfall or snowmelt. Liquid wastes, soil erosion and pesticide use can enter system as well. IJC examined great lakes - 2005 Obama gave budget to the lakes. - 4 indicators can be used to assess conditions of lakes: (1) Habitats and wetlands (2) Persistent toxic substances (3) Eutrophication (4) Human health effects Caste Study # 3: Atlantic Cody Fishery Collapse - Cod are dominant type of fish in North Atlantic continental shelves. Now its borderline extinction due to overfishing. Collapse of cod fishery had been a social, economic and ecological disaster for people of Newfoundland. - The drastic change occurred with the coming of large factory trawlers, just took another 15 years after to deplete stock. Draggers haul enormous baglike nets and chains that plow and scrape ocean bottom. They drag up schools of fish and anything else in the way. - Canada extended moratorium on cod indefinitely. Th
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