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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

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Sample questions Criminologists who taker a position of crime as real, tangible and observable are know an a)Innovators b)Subjectivist c)Objectivists correct d)Imitators Contemporary classicism is influenced by which tradition a)Labelling theory b)Utilitarianism correct c)Modelling d)Control balance Conflict theorist do not ask questions about a)Inequality b)Class c)Power relations d)Wealth e)Reinforcement answer A key component to rational choice theory is (think like an economist) a)Profit maximization answer b)Progressiveness c)Lack of choice d)Structural strain e)Stigma Components of punishment relevant to deterrence theory include a)Conditioning and reinforcement b)Severity certainty and swiftness answer c)Stigma and secondary deviance d)Intelligence and ability The sciences that use the facial features including eat lobe nose shame to determine criminality is called a)Phrenology b)Psychoanalysis’s c)Sociophysiology d)Phsysiognomy answer Routine activities theory holds similar ideas with which two theorist a)Conflict and marxists b)Pluralist and rational choice? c)Integrative and life choice Three elements of criminal victimization i
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