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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Norman Dubeski

Final Exam Review There are about 80 questions. Not cumulative, though I expect you to remember the basic vocabulary we’ve built along the way. Use of a dictionary is allowed. There won’t be any questions on the case studies in each chapter. Remember to study the manual as well as the readings and textbook. Review Questions 1--what are some cultural universals of what people find attractive? - symmetrical, healthy, 2--What is James Randi’s contest? - 1million dollars if you can prove you have a magic ability - all the people who try it always make excuses when it doesn’t work 3--what are some of the major drugs for treating mental illnesses? - SSRI’s(anti-depressants), anti-psychotic 4--why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped (according to Katz)? - reminds us of our own mortality and vulnerability 5--what is secondary deviance? tertiary? - deviance that stems from being stigmatized - tertiary: accepting a label and rebelling against it 6--what % of people are gay? What did Kinsey say? - 2.8% for males -1.4% for women - Kinsey thought the book percentage was 1- however his study was not a random sample 7--what are the main perspectives used to study sex work? - feminist (radical in particular) - libritarian - traditionalist(conservatives) - functionalist( fallen out of fashion) - Marxism 8--What are Wheeler’s factors for identifying sex acts? - who what where when how 9--What is de-institutionalization? - kicking people out of mental asylums, putting them on anti-psychotic drugs and sending them on their way 10--What did I say might have caused Salem witchcraze? - food poisioning(urgot poisoning) - religious depression may have been a factor 11--Give an example of cognitive deviance. - anti-semitism - conspiracy theories 12--how might women and men be treated differently for mental health? - women are more inferior than men - women didn’t need to be more sane - men had higher standards 13--what was the Rosenhan study? - put normal people in the insane ward and watched how long it took them to get out 14--What correlations is there between SES and mental illness? - inverse correlation(negative) between SES and mental illness - higher the class, the less likely they are to be mentally ill 15--what is the drift hypothesis for SES and mental disorders? - if you develop a mental illness you are likely to drift down the SES ladder 16--What did Thomas Scheff say was the cause of mental illness? - he said it was caused by labelling 17—When is the exam? - 1130 18--How are suicide rates different for men and women? - women have higher rates of attempted suicide - men have higher rates of completed suicide 19--What was something feminist Wendy McElroy said about pornography? What perspective does she represent? - can be considered good for women - apart of free expression - civil libertarian – everyone should be able to make their own decision 20 What type of drug treats schizophrenia? Mood disorders? Bi-polar? - anti-psychotic - anti-depressants - mood stablelizers 21--Why is magic and faith called the supernatural? - different from things that are scientific or imperical because they have never been proved - there is no imperical evidence for God - cant have faith and proof at the same time 22--What paradigm says etiology is served by epidemiology? (essentialism or social constructionism) - essentialism - you can find out the cause of things 23--What are contingencies? - they effect labeling - 24--What is voluntary guilt (stigma) by association? - showing that we associate with deviant people 25--What is an example of a sexual fetish? A paraphilia? - certain things that turn people on - leather etc 26--In America, how many women die from eating disorders, according to Naomi Wolf? What is a better estimate? - 82 000 27--What is “elective affinity?” - if youre rich you want a beliefe system that says rich is a good thing, if poor believe poor shall inherit each. between life position and beliefs who said it? 28--Why did Fielder say we were bothered by freaks? - primordial childhood experieces, children cateforizing things neatly, experience things growing up causing them to 29--What were the two approaches used to study prostitution in Thailand? - one group looking at the people involved(emic) - the other looking at the actions from the outside(edic) 30--What groups are more likely to believe in “Intelligent Design?” than natural selection? - republican, or religious - religious people are much more likely to have an intelligient design 31--What is the difference between a crank and a curmudgeon? - crank is someone outside the profession that wants to obliterate the scientific paradigms and start from scratch with own (majority are men) - other one, inside the sci profession whos gone obsolete and refuses to change 32--What operation was once performed on women to treat hysteria? - hysterectomy 33--What are parapsychologists? - study the paranormal - assume that it exists and uses jorunals and studies without the actual content of science 34--What do evolutionary psychologists say about sex? Attractiveness? Adultery? - all species attempt to pass on their genes - 35--Which is polygenetic, primary or secondary deviance? - primary 36--How do people who believe in the paranormal/supernatural defend their beliefs? - they make excuses - surpress languages and employ logical fallacies of various kinds 37--What is a myth about the Spanish Inquisition? Who were they really targeting? - sometimes had a bad wrap - they often get accused of looking for witches and burning women alive - looking for conversos and hertex’s instead - looking for false converses 38--What are some of the ways we feel about the disabled/handicapped? - we think that we are better than them but we feel sorry for them at the same time 39--What is an honour killing? - the killing of a relative that has brought dishonor to a family - usually against women - or gay - or dating someone of the wrong ethnic group of cast 40--What are some of the reasons given for female circumcision? - tradition - religion - preventing the clit from growing into a dick - all of those are wrong - enhances female fertility – OPPOSITE ACTUALLY IDIOTS 41—What two churches performs gay marriage? - united church 42—Where is Female Genital Mutilation most commonly practiced? - east african 43--the gay rights parade started as an example of what kind of deviance? 44--For es
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