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Test #1 Possible Exam Answers

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University of Guelph
SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Sample Test Question Answers 1. Many researchers believe that crime is a part of human nature Researchers such as Cesare Lombroso help the theory of a "criminal man". He suggested that crime is part of who we are. How we look and hat gender we are shows what crime we will commit. Lombroso believes that people are "born" criminal. An example of Lombroso's theory would be assuming a man and/or woman is criminal because they have a tattoo. The idea that we are born criminal also ties into the evolutionary theory and "survival of the fittest". As a race we do what we need to to survive. Also, the facial features born criminal theory was developed by John Lataver. He proposed that certain facial features such as a beard or pointy nose make people look criminal. If they have these certain features, they are assumed to be bad people. 2. The origins of the theories of crime, specifically biological theories come from the evolutionary theory and the idea of "survival of the fittest". There are many different biological theories of crime. Cesare Lombroso suggested the "theory of the criminal man". This theory looks at behaviours. The physiognomy theory by John Lavater involves specifically the features of the face to judge moral character. The phrenology they by Franz Gall proposes that the shape of the skull shapes the brain function of the person. Certain crevices or curves may be considered bad. As well Sheldon's theory closely follows by dealing with skull size as a factor. Sheldon also came up with the theory of somatotypes. mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph are all definitions of certain body types. In psychology, psychoanalysis and the ideas of "problems of the unconscience" play a role. There is also a theory of personality studies. Color tests help to identify criminal like anti-social behaviour. As well, Eugenics developed by Galton also contributes to psychological theory. The study of Eugenics u
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