SOC 2700 Study Guide - Final Guide: Deterrence Theory, Differential Association, Anomie

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Published on 30 Nov 2011
Example Exam Questions (Final Prep) Sample Questions
Nov. 29th 2011
2. Contemporary classicism is influenced by which tradition?
3. Conflict theorist DO NOT ask questions about?
4. A key component to rational choice theory is:
5. components of punishment relevant to deterrence theory include:
6. The science that used the facial features including ear lobe and nose shape to
determine criminality is called?
7. Routine activities theory holds similar ideas with which two theories?
8. Three elements of criminal victimization in routine activities theory include?
9. differential association theorists believe people are more likely to commit crime when
they have:
10. Ronald Akers social learning theory assumes ideas found in:
11. criminological theories differ in many approaches to crime, but agree that…
12. Emile Durkheim saw anomie as the result of..
13. _______ deviance is a response to labelling and is due to the development of a
deviant identity ? (secondary)
14. One stage of the moral entrepreneurial process includes? (medicalization)
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