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*you should be able to navigate easily by using control find for each of the chapter and specific readings. Chapter 15- meagan caulfield (mcaulfie@mail. uoguelph. ca: reiman, j. The poor get prison- ramn bining (rbining@mail. uoguelph. ca: kubrin, c. e. Journal of research in crime and delinquency, 40(4): 374-402- ramn bining (rbining@mail. uoguelph. ca: becker, h. 1953. Becoming a marihuana user . - gavin wolf gwolf@mail. uoguelph. ca: anderson, e. 1994. Cromwell, p. , parker, lee. , & mobley, s. 2010. 90-108 in in their own words- samantha murray (smurra07@mail. uoguelph. ca: best, b. l. , wodahl, e. j. , & holmes, m. d. Exploring why prisoners decide against applying for parole- zachary meyer. Introduction to theory: we need theory to live or to live better, allows us to develop potential solutions to problems we encounter. Abstract: more difficult to tie directly to reality (ex. The effect of social structure on crime rates)- they are more generalizations; they explain how two events are related to another and the conditions under which the relationship takes place.

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