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Use examples from lectures and readings in your answer. Contemporary classicism: umbrella for several theories, motivation and choice in crime, controlling peoples behaviours, what are the way people choose to commit crime/ be deviant. Rational choice theory: ties to classicism, people are rational by nature, rational calculators, economic ideas of behaviour, maximization of benefits/rewards, a void costs of crime. Offenders are rational in the decisions they make (they choose crimes that offer immediate gratification, the require little effort to complete , and that expose them to scant risk of detection and arrest) Rational choice and crime: sanctions can be informal or formal, benefits can be tangible (money), or intangible (thrill, peer respect) Theorists tend to see crime emerging from the routines that people - whether offenders or the victims- follow as they go about their daily lives. What is a suitable target: value (ipods, ipads, notebooks, inertia (can it be moved quickly? , visibility (location, access (quick getaway)

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