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Abnormal = not like the rest of us. Abnormalities change as society changes: sociology deviance (going against social norms) Norms put limits to what you can do regulates human behaviour society cannot exist without norms. Tattoos and homosexuality in the past: legal crime (break the criminal code) Some norms are not serious, others are serious norms are called laws society reacts harshly to this form of deviance. Murder: psychology abnormality/disorder (behaviour, religion sin. Should not break divine laws will be punished by god. Punishment from god not by society or institution. Explained by theories general explanations: also want to explain topics such as (cid:498)why do we punish people? (cid:499) Cjs approach: criminologists study the criminal justice system. Important because many people commit crime because of unjust distribution (poverty, etc. ) Punishment by society violence, robbery, etc: elements of crime how do we determine if a crime has been. Actus reus crime was committed (guilty act)

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