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SOC 2760 Study Guide - Binge Drinking, Atlantic Canada

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SOC 2760

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Unit 4 Reading: Canadian Addiction Survey
79.3% of Canadians aged 15 or older report consuming alcohol
90% among youth 18 to 24
Heavy Drinking
Of past year drinkers, 6.2% report heavy drinking at least once a week
and 25.5% report this pattern at least once a month
Almost 1 in 10 current drinkers report that they experienced harm from
their drinking during the past year
Almost a third of respondents report having been harmed at least once in
the part year because of someone’s drinking
Cannabis Use
44.5% of Canadians report using cannabis at least once in their lifetime,
14.1% report use during the past year
70% of people between the age of 18 and 24 have used it at least once
Lifetime cannabis use increases with education
Other drug Use
11.4% of respondents used hallucinogens, 10.6% used cocaine, 6.4%
used speed, and 4.1% used ecstasy during their lifetime
Provincial Comparison
Although notable lower alcohol consumption rates are recorded for the
Atlantic Provinces, PEI, NB, NFL. Higher rates found in QB
BC and AL are higher than national average for cannabis consumption,
ON, NFL, PEI lower than national standard (44%)
Unit 4 Reading 2: Under the Influence, College Drinking
Dr. McCardell wants to lower the drinking age in the US back to 18
He argues that all the drinking age (21) is doing is driving drinking off
campus and underground, not ending it. Sending it to much less safe
Almost 1 in 4 college students nationwide have met the medical standard
for substance abuse and dependence
Frequency of binge drinking has increased
Argument against it
Higher drinking age lowers road accidents caused by drinking and driving
Unit 4 Reading 3: Justice Delayed