SOC 2760 Study Guide - Final Guide: Psychoanalysis, Child Murder, Group Cohesiveness

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Advances in violent crime analysis and law enforcement: the canadian. Serious criminals are aware of the failure between agencies to communicate with each other. Canada introduced the violent crime linkage analysis system (viclas) which helps to overcome language barriers. A term used to describe a computerized data base collection of information about solved/unsolved crimes. Investigators use this to find similarities to help solve cases. Fbi violent crime apprehension program (vicap) Mid 1980"s, canada introduced the major crime file (mcf), Mackay: from may 1991 1992 the violent crime analysis branch analysed existing automated case linkage systems. Chose what were considered to be the best features in each system to include in viclas: viclas collects sexual offences as well as homicides. Long form: predatory homicides and sexual offences: 39 pages, 263 questions, apparently random, motiveless, little is known. Short form: all other homicides: 8 pages, 83 questions. Short sexual assault form: sexual assaults where little is known.

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