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SOC 3310
Norman Dubeski

WEEK 8Symbolic Interactionism Interpretive PreCursorsVersetehen sympathetic understandingEarly Chicago School A Pierce Dewey invented pragmatismB Park conducted ethnographic research C CooleyThomas interactionists interpretive interaction situation becomes real in its consequences D Mead combined philosophysoc into social behaviouralism E Mead dies Blumer takes over Symbolic Interationism ArisesBlumer coins symbolic InteractionismOther interactionist theories linked to SI such as Goffmans dramaturgical schoolChicago school Three PrinciplesAct according to the meanings that things and events have for themIndividual meanings stem from social interactionEntail active interpretation rather than literal compliance with expectation Other Important ThinkersCharles H Cooley coined looking glass selfWI Thomas if men define situations as real they are real in their consequencesBF SkinnerJames B Watson explain human actions through behaviour alone In relation to other paradigms micro loyal opposition to macro structuralfunctionalism Development StepsPRE PLAY imitates see self as an objectPLAY learn to play starting to imagine perspectiveGAME learn games multiple perspectivesGENERALIZED abstract perspective of societys image of themI and the MeMeadI response impulse self as subjectMe lens wI to understand other ppl and society Made up of them dont just have themPhases of internal interaction Gestures significant symbol if has samesimilar meaning for both partiesSI Research
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