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Physical work (the world around us), social work. What do these have in common? (1) theory. They explain something that is unknown to us. There is pattern to society as well as the universe. This is not accidental, they are laws of life (e. g. if you put humans together this will happen) Explain/predict action, allows us to take action in response to a predicted behaviour. It explains and predicts actions* on the midterm (2) history. Historians believe that there is no pattern or underlying law to explain behaviour, they are unique to history, historians do not believe in theories, everything is unique. Wwi and wwii had differing and unique causes. General idea of repetition is present but they are not as scientific (3) social theory. Value/judgments (many scientific theories are value free, but not all) Critical (brings out the shortcomings of something, not a total rejection, just brings light to the biases or inconsistencies within the work)