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SOC 3310 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Counterculture, Religious Education In Primary And Secondary Education, Ritualism In The Church Of England

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SOC 3310
Reza Barmaki
Study Guide

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Why will you make a decision that is “right” for society ?
Why & how people are motivated to behave act a certain way. How and why do people decide
what they are going to do and how is what they are deciding reflective of the structures of
society. How those forces are going to cause us to conform to the goals of society—-> came up
with AGIL.Function together to motivate a person in a way that is expected or normal. Solves
the problem towards a common orientation. Parson would say that the structure of society
moves individual intention and behaviour.
Four function perspective.
Adaptation: Economy: Society like an organism. Our ability to get resources from the
environment. Distributing resources throughout the system. How is wealth produced? Structures
in place that help it adapt to the environment. How we use our natural environment to produce
things that are beneficial to us as groups and further and how when we do that it helps keep
society cohesive. Worked Smoothly.
Goal Attainment: Political System: how does the system use resources to meet its goals?
How does the system use power to make decisions? Function of decision making that is
essential to the use of power and goal attainment.
Integration: Legal systems :Implements norms, controls and regulates action.
Latency: religion education..: Moral commitment to society, Functioning to keep the system
intact. functioning to ensure conformity. we have a moral commitment to society to make the
right decisions and make smooth functioning of our social structure.
Merton Anomie Theory
Two important but different functions of deviance.
Manifest Function: Involves social outcomes that the actors intend.
Latent Function: Involves outcomes that are not intended by actors.
Since american society places enormous value on materialistic success, people must adapt
depending on where they stand with regards to these material goals. Also important is their
access to acceptable means for achieving them. Assuming that everyone would pursue these
goals if they could but some people cant. Merton focused on those reasons that relate to
structural inequality which leaves limited possible choices. People cannot pursue the material
goals through acceptable means then they have three choices
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