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Broad definition: a group of youths or young adults in your jurisdiction that you or other responsible persons in your agency are willing to identify or classify as a gang. Police will ask people in agencies or organizations these questions. Implications of defining a gang in this manner is that it is very subjective. Wearing of colors or other groups symbols (i. e. colors, tags, graffiti, tattoos) some kind of group identity. Collective/communal criminal activity - a gang isn"t a gang unless there is crime going on. Identifiable leadership - leader can exercise some sort of control to influence the group. A number of members - at least 3 people. Initiation - gangs have some sort of initiation (can"t just walk up and ask to join) Hard to do because gangs are criminal organizations which makes it difficult. Gangs in over 1,000 jurisdictions in us early 2000s - five times more than in 1980.

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