SOC 3750 Study Guide - Rodney King, Shooting Of Amadou Diallo, Rotten Apples

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Police actions are controlled by different rules and regulations; some that are formal and written down and some that are undocumented and are expectations of society. Criminal code has rules for use of deadly force and others rules in which they are subject. Police acts contain this info, as well as rules on neglecting duty, insubordination, discreditable conduct and duress (more focused on organization expectations, personal conduct and legally relevant behaviour) Police deviance: refers to behaviour that violates any norms and covers a wide range of activities, from minor infractions to criminal activities. Sherman (1974) created a typology to distinguish different levels of corruption that exists at different levels: rotten apples and rotten pockets. Police corruption is limited to a small number of officers who were probably dishonest before employment. Rotten apple: individual officer engaged in deviant behaviour. Rotten pocket: few officers who engage in corrupt activities as a group.

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