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Michelle Dumas

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Week 10 Community Policing **Define Community Policing in Canada Normandeau & Leighton (1990):  In a publication for the Solicitor-General, Normandeau and Leighton argue that community policing should incorporate 12 ingredients to allow for community policing that involves a police- community partnership:  The role of the police should be that of peace officers o Extending their role beyond simply law enforcement and crime control  The police should adopt a strategy of community consultation o Police need input from the community to help long- and short- term 3. The police should become proactive and identify local crime & disorder problems o Rather than passively waiting for calls and randomly patrolling 4. A problem-oriented policing strategy should be adopted o A wide array of strategies needs to be used to help address specific issues 5. The police need to tackle the underlying causes of problems o Need for crime prevention techniques 6. There should be more inter-agency cooperation between the police and other service delivery agencies o Recognizing that other agencies are better equipped to deal with the underlying causes of crime, such as poverty 7. Police personnel should act as information managers who engage in ‘interactive policing’ o Increasing contacts with the community to become more knowledgeable about the community they serve and so that the public becomes more willing to communicate with them 8. Tactics should be developed to reduce fear of crime o Police need to target fearful groups (ex. The elderly) and ensure that they take reasonable crime prevention measures to reduce their fear 9. Police officers should be encouraged to become career generalists rather than specialists o Move away from the ‘blue collar’ image by becoming responsible for a wide range of activities 10. There should be greater management decentralization o More autonomy and independence should be given to operational police officers responsible for neighbourhood policing 11. There should be a change in the organizational structure from the hierarchical para-military model o Community policing advocates a flattening of the hierarchical structure, and loyalties are placed not within the chain of command but with the Charter, Criminal Code, common law, and the community 12. The police should become accountable to the community o Police should review their policies and procedures through mechanisms such as public consultations. Informal accountability, which adds to the already existent legal accountability Objectives of Community Policing: 1. Greater police legitimacy and public acceptance - Moving away from the traditional, bureaucratic style of policing towards a model that is more responsive, accountable and inclusive - Police agencies hope to gain legitimacy and project a better public image 2. Increased police accountability - Through increased community input they become more accountable both formally and informally 3. More efficient use of police services with changes in organization & management - Sharing responsibilities and utilizing community resources - More efficient styles of management, focusing on problem-solving, directed patrol, call prioritization and monitoring the effectiveness of police services 4. Increased effectiveness through inno
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