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Police in Society Lecture Notes Post Midterm.docx

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

Police in Society Lecture Notes Post Midterm Tuesday February 12 2013 Paperlanguage discipline vs everyday o Avoid society individual use person or people cultureAvoid I thinkbelievePlural words media data80 of sources later than 1995 LecturePublic Arenas Model o Competition carrying capacity o Principles o 1 Drama vivid and dramatic mass shootings o 2 Novelty new exploit current events in new ways create attention new spinevidence o 3 Culture rooted mythic themes loss of life certain victims are more worthy ex Children o 4 Politics powerful sponsors Frame analysis o Goffman definition the way in which stories are framed Schematic of interpretation All news stories are framed before they are told to us o Entman 1993 four functions1 Problem definition2 Causal interpretation story will identify sources that create problem violent movies video games3 Moral evaluation causal agents are evaluated are they a victim of circumstances 4 Treatment recommendation remedies suggested ways to justify treatments Moral panics o S Cohen 1972 kids were targeted in media and being morally badcorrupt overexposure led to panic among public possibility that they were going to mug people o Definition a persongroup emerges as a possible threat to societies values It seems greater than the actual threat o Media role spreading panic So public demanded that things happened to control young people o CharacteristicsExaggerating in reporting facts are overblown because they give story a bigger edge Things used out of context only focus on one thingRepetition of fallacies repeat info as much as possible in new and different ways Info seems believable even though incorrect or out of contextMisleading pictures and snappy titles provocative headlines and pictures o Key elements stages1 Define threat2 Recognizable3 Public Concern4 Response5 ResultsPolicing the Crisis o Hall et al 1978 o Defined o How it happens o Example o muggingNewspaperPoliceCriticism Moral Panic o Agencyo Publicity and publicThursday February 14 2013Newsworthiness Jewkes 2004 o Crime stories will be at the top of the hour about 2025 of news o Predictability when stories are rare unique unexpected it is challenging rules of predictability more likely to be newsworthyo Simplification events must be reviewed to a minimum amount of parts or themes if too complicated you may lose audience o Individualism individual definitions of crimeindividuals Includes rationalization as to why people did what they did Want people to identify with victim and have sympathy o Risk more risk more newsworthy Even though murder sexual assault rape occur with those that people know the y focus on stranger crimes to focus on scare tactics Can help highlight geographical locations where it is riskyo Sex sells crime stories is over reporting of crimes of a sexual nature which distorts the picture of crime Exaggerates women as victims because they dont typically talk about males as victims of sexual assault Dont usually talk about children about sexual crimes A lot of things not reported women prostitutes not being coveredo Celebrityhighstatus obsession with celebrities which are often going to be in the news whether victim or offender Even if crime is not serious because of celebrity high status it is newsworthyo Proximity geographic nearness More likely to hear things that are local
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