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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

Homicide Notes Midterm 1Week 1 intro to HomicideChapter 16Homicide is represented in societys culture throughoLanguage murder a paper slaughter the other teamoVideo Games COD etcHomicide Survivorsor covictims are the friends and family members of murder victims They are not counted among those victimized by crime by the FBI or other organizations If homicide survivors were counted amongst victimization surveys there would be 93 of all Americans listed as homicide survivors or roughly 28 million peopleMust cope with not only their loved ones sudden death but that they were taken by someone who wanted them to dieSocial stigma and isolation felt by thisCriminal Justice system may leave them feeling pushed asideLower clearance rates for homicide may leave the survivors in painHigher rates of PSTDoReasearch shows prayer church meds DONT help with painoSurvivors groups do thoughWide variety of emotions felt from helplessness sorrow anger etcCouples often split up after a child is murdered and survivors may avoid each otherComplicated Bereavement where they cannot reconcile their loss
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