STAT 2040 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sampling Distribution, Weighted Arithmetic Mean, Point Estimation

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Infinite number of possible values, corresponding to all values in an interval. P(a < x < b) = area under the curve which is the probability that the random variable x takes on a value between a and b. If it is truly symmetrical, the mean should equal the median. = 0 value that has an area of 0. 27 to the left: for example, probability that z is greater than 1. 23, p(z > 1. 23) = 1 0. 8907 (from the table) = 0. 1093: notation: x ~ n( , 2, convert x into a variable having the standard normal distribution. Linear transformation that forces this variable to have a mean of zero and a standard deviation of one. Must have normal distribution to begin with. Population is the entire group of individuals/items we want information about, and the sample is the subset of the population that we actually examine. Statistics are used to estimate and make inferences about population parameters.

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