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Midterm Review

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University of Guelph
Theatre Studies
THST 1040
Norman Smith

Production and process Part 1Theatrical Organization How does theatre happen in CanadaHow do we put on a play What is theatrical economy How does theatre work in an economic context Inverse DifferentiationInverse Complexity We can organize theatre in Canada in a hierarchal pyramidThe very few companies that operate on immense budgets Ex The Stratford Festival are placed at the top of the pyramidSuch companies operate according to the Canadian Theatre Agreement which is a contract between the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres PACT and the Actors Equity Association These companies are classified as class A housesThey have large venues produce big productions and attract huge audiencesAt the base or bottom of the pyramid is the Fringewhere anything goes Companies like Buddies in Bad Times are placed at the middle of the pyramid As we go up the pyramid scale the number of theatres decreases and the complexity increasewe will have fewer and larger companiescompanies are less creative and more alike As we go down the pyramid scale the companies becomeLess complexLess resourcedMore culturally different specific and definedCompanies on the top are all doing more or less the same work in the same waythey are similar to any other large industry example the car industryIn the fringe companies are clearly different in their styles mandates and target audiencesThis is a dynamic system in a way that the different companies on the different levels of the scale feed on each otherThe big established groups need the bottom onesthey need their talent and innovationAlso we have a hierarchy of value that assumes that the further up you go on the scale the more value you have For example a theatre for lesbian women of colour would definitely start at the bottom and if the work is good it might
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