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Introduces new ways of seeing the world and ones self. Investigate women"s experiences, perspectives, and contributions, placing women at the center of inquiry. It has created courses within traditional disciplines with the goal of incorporating both women and their experiences into subject matter. It has created interdisciplinary courses and lines of inquiry. How have educational systems traditionally been limiting rather than empowering for women: a history of exclusion, push to female careers, constructing women as passive and emotional, man in positions of authority. The human experience is the make experience. Curriculum and institutions are set up n such a way that women are not really included. It implies an ethical and intellectual contract between teacher and students: respect :teacher- student ability respected, slide 8. Education is a central feature to liberation. According to the world bank educating young women reduces fertility rates, reduces infant mortality rates, increases the likelihood that the next generation of children (male or fe(cid:373)ale|(cid:895) slide 11.